About Me

              Hello, I'm Jordan, but also known as I am a Rabbit. I'm nineteen years old, and currently working on receiving my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in photography. I'm a bit of a dreamer who aspires to do great things. I love documenting life as it comes through my lens, and in my spare time I love making cute little handmade things, or going thrifting to find vintage goods. I also sell my items on Etsy, and pretty much everything right now is a work in process. I'm young and in love with my boy Arick and my kitty Furby who I rescued last year. I can be a bit quirky and goofy at times, but I love to smile. I created this blog as a lifestyle blog to post my current happenings, my photography, DIYs, and other things that I think are handy or just plain cute! I'm very friendly and will answer to anything if anyone has any questions, so just ask!

A few things I like are adventures, long car rides, oldies music, snapshots, vintage, sunflowers, elephants, and black coffee. Enjoy.

xoXO I am a Rabbit