Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sugar Skull DIY

Here's a cute DIY, (and my first one to post on here) me and Arick made the other night with paper maché skulls. They're cute for a little halloween decoration! Have fun! I'd love to see what yours turns out like!
We bought paper maché skulls at Michaels craft store on sale! so go there now why all the halloween stuff is on clearance! then we painted them white. i left some brown on mine to make it look older, but do whatever you'd like with yours! that's why i love sugar skulls, they're all different and unique in their own way! then we used black puffy paint and other acrylic paints, and voila! so easy and cute! :)

i gave mine a cute bow :)

arick's turned out so cool!
so cute! <3

i hope you guys have as much fun making these as i did!
Xoxo I am a Rabbit


  1. This looks like a fun project! I just might have to make one!

  2. it really was! and it was super easy too! i'd love to see how yours turns out :)