Tuesday, September 6, 2011


hello fellow bloggers! sorry for the lack of posts lately, but life has been so busy with the start of classes and my new job. did i mention i'm a barista again? yay! :) anyway, in all the midst of chaos in my life, i've managed to whip out my camera, well for my photo class... but i thought i'd share some (not so great) photos from my assignment. it's due tomorrow, and well let's hope i did the work right. i had to photograph things that showed visual elements of art and what not. so in the littlest amount of spare time that i had, i took a drive around town and photographed a few things that i thought were lovely along with visual elements in them. take a look, and tell me what ya think!

last year arick showed me the giant water lilies in our town. ever since then, i've been so intrigued by them with their ordinance in space, and the miles of green the lake is filled with.

on another note, i've noticed lately that my camera has some serious light leak damage to it, which can be either good or bad, but bad for my class. thankfully arick has a nikon he thrifted that i will be borrowing. anyways, i hope you can see the organic textures, light, space, and colors i've been playing with! please let me know your thoughts! hopefully i'll be posting more things soon! but for now, chao!

xoXo I am a Rabbit

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